Alphan Novel Publication: CLAWS by Mike Grinti and Rachel Grinti

By | November 2, 2012

Cover of Claws by Mike and Rachel Grinti, featuring a black cat and tree branches silhouetted against a full moon.

Congratulations to Alpha alumni Mike Grinti (2002 & 2004) and Rachel Grinti (2002 & 2003), whose debut novel, Claws, was published by Chicken House in September 2012!

Emma’s sister is missing. Her parents have spent all their savings on the search. And now the family has no choice but to live in a ramshackle trailer park on the edge of the forest, next door to down-and-out harpies, hags, and trolls. Emma wonders if she’ll ever see Helena, and if she’ll ever feel happy, again.

Then she makes a friend.

A smooth-talking, dirty-furred cat named Jack. He’s got a razor-sharp plan to rescue Emma’s sister. He just wants one small favor in return…

Mike and Rachel Grinti live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Mike was born in Russia, and moved to the United States with his family when he was a child. The Hobbit, borrowed from the library, got him hooked on reading. Rachel grew up in Pittsburgh, where she now works as a children’s librarian. Claws is their first book.

You can find out more about Mike, Rachel, and Claws at their website, and a complete (to our knowledge) list of Alpha graduates’ publications and awards is here.

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  1. nick

    I read the book and I love it more than I hate my brother witch is seriuosly saying something.

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