The 2013 Worry Thread

By | March 1, 2013

The deadline’s approaching fast, you might have your story in, you might not, you suddenly have to wait to find out. Use this thread to talk to each other. You can talk about your application stories too, if you want; I promise that the application committee will not read this.

Take a deep breath. Support each other. Write the next story.

132 thoughts on “The 2013 Worry Thread

  1. Abby

    Marina, I’m right there with you. Last year it was just a thing I found on the internet and I never thought I’d actually get in, so I sort of forgot about it until I got the email. This year, it’s…harder to forget.

  2. Diane

    I just taked with John. The Alpha 2013 invitations will get sent late tomorrow night or Monday morning (which is just as promised on the Alpha website). The four judges did an amazing job ranking over 90 submission stories. Very, very grateful to them. The staffers don’t find out who got invited until after invitations are sent to students.

    I hate this wait, too. I feel for you all. Yes, it’s hard to work. I’m going to try to do more novel editing now. I feel it’s the best medicine for the jitters.

  3. Madison

    But…. But…. But…..
    I don’t want to wait until tomorrow night or Monday morning….
    I want to know now…..
    *tries not to hyperventilate*

  4. Melissa M

    *Despite her best judgement, begins hyperventilating*

  5. Madison

    @Melissa M – It’s KILLING ME. *rocks in the corner*

  6. Melissa M

    @Madison. ME TOO. And then I will be DEAD, so it won’t even matter if I get accepted. (Who am I kidding? Yes it will. I’ll be extra dead if I don’t get in, and if I do I will attend as a ghost.)

  7. Madison

    Why must we be tortured like this? It’s just as bad or worse than the wait to hear from colleges. TT.TT

  8. Noella

    @Madison at least with college you can at least have backups so that you go to college somewhere. Here is one shot a year. Or for me, this would be my last chance.

    I don’t even know what to think anymore. I’m still waiting to hear back on this and something else.

  9. Lauren

    @Marina and Abby – I know! Somehow it’s even worse this year, both because I know how awesome Alpha is and because last year I didn’t know the exact date we’d find out!

  10. Melissa M

    @Madison. I wouldn’t know on the college things… still a sophomore in high school.
    @Noella. What else are you waiting on?

  11. Madison

    @Noella – This is true…… This is the only thing I’m waiting on now and I’m obsessing over it. >.<
    @Melissa M – Have fun in two years time, then. XP

  12. Melissa M

    ACCEPTED! This may be the best day of my life.

  13. Marina G

    @Melissa: CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Having been to Alpha, I can promise you that you have no idea how much awesome is in store.

    But I wish I hadn’t looked at this thread, because now I know acceptances are going out…and it’s very likely that I’ll be glued to my email for the rest of the day, getting an instant of false hope every time my college sends me spam. ACK. -hyperventilates- Good luck, everybody!

  14. Noella

    I got in! After two rejections, you guys cannot fathom how great this makes me feel… Life is beautiful.

  15. Melissa M

    So, I looked at the email list, and it would seem that only (up to) two of us are guys…

  16. Nicholas

    Yup. One of them would be me, lol. Hello 🙂

  17. Marina G

    Aaaaand I’m in too! Apparently my university was messing with my email and I wasn’t paying enough attention, so I missed it at first. To everybody who made it, congratulations; to those who didn’t, I hope you can try again next year! And Nicholas, thank you for doing your part to ensure that it will not be a complete girlfest. 😛

  18. Tess

    Dang. No luck for me this year. At least I can try again next year.

  19. Noel

    @ Tess. Same here. I feel pretty disappointed, but there is always next year. Congrats to everyone that got in!

  20. Melissa M

    @Nicholas. Hello.
    @Marina. You go to university? (Pretty much the same thing as college, right?) So does that mean that you are 18/19, then?
    @Tess and Noel. Dang. I’m sorry. Well, good luck next year.

  21. Diane

    I’m horrified that, due to a software glitch, the letters went out to “Dear alpha-accept” and “Dear alpha-deny” instead of people’s names. I’m so very sorry about that. Harsh!

    We’re planning a blog post about where to get your stories critiqued for free if you didn’t get in this year.

    Every year we talk about doing an Alpha-at-home, which would be a tandem workshop. People who chose to join us would follow along with the same lessons at home and pledge to write a short story on the same time table (in ten days at the end of July). Maybe this year we’ll pull it together with critiquers and online content.

    Two guys got in this year. The farthest student is from Australia. Six former Alpha students and two more Alphans on the wait list.

    Looks like an exciting group!

  22. Nicholas

    I’m totally okay with being referred to as an “alpha-accept” — that’s a little bit cool, actually. “Hey, you, alpha-accept!”

    Though I could see where the inverse could be problematic, hahaha.

  23. Abby

    Congratulations to everyone who got in – I did too, and I can’t wait to meet you all this summer!

  24. Kasey

    Hey guys, just got my acceptance email too! Looking forward to seeing you all in july!

    Just a quick question about scholarships- did any of you request one and already found out whether you got it or not? Since I’m paying for my tuition and airfare myself, unfortunately that could really impact whether i can go or not.

  25. Abby

    Kasey – I don’t know for sure, but I think the scholarship stuff is still being worked out and you should hear back about it fairly soon. Hope you can make it!

  26. Melissa M

    @126. Good question, Abby. I’d forgotten about that…

  27. Noel

    Everyone who got in, awesome job!
    Unfortunately, I didn’t make it in this year, but I will definitely try again next year (or until I get accepted).

    the alpha-deny thing was actually kind of funny (although I was surprised that I could see all the people who hadn’t gotten accepted as well)

    As of now, I’m looking for simple summer writing camps that will help me improve in skill, as I think it will just help me become a better writer in general (I’ve never taken a single creative writing class in my life).

    I really want my submission story to be critiqued even though I know it really is not my best work (I’m a little scared, honestly).

    In a ways (and this may sound strange, but . . . ) although I was really sad to hear that I couldn’t attend Alpha this year, I was almost . . . grateful for the rejection. At least now, I have some rejection experience to help me in the future. This was my first time applying to anything writing-related and I’m really glad for the experience.

    Next year, I’m thinking of applying to not just Alpha, but other workshops too (although Alpha will always stay my first choice). Apparently, most writing workshops don’t allow rising 9th graders, the youngest have to have completed grade 9, so that’s something interesting.

  28. Tess

    @ Noel
    Yeah, the whole ’10th grade +’ grade-level thing kind of stinks. As an 8th grader this year, it narrows my options a lot.

  29. Melissa M

    @Noel&Tess. Teehee. You’re so little 🙂 (Says the sophomore..)

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