Recent Alphan Publication: “The Witches of Athens” by Lara Elena Donnelly

By | October 15, 2013

Congratulations to Alpha graduate Lara Elena Donnelly (2007 & 2008), whose short story “The Witches of Athens” went up last week at Strange Horizons:

The Court Street witch has full red lips and hooded eyes, long black hair like a curling river rapid. She reads palms and tarot cards. She dances naked under the full moon. She has, on occasion, turned fractious frat boys into toads. Her magic is stitched up fast like stage clothes, heavy with glitter. It may fray at the edges, but it has flash. It is pretty, fast, impressive, like gunpowder meeting a match.

You can read the whole story at Strange Horizons’ website, and a full list of Alpha graduates’ publications and awards is here.