A Week of Prompts

By | February 22, 2014

The Alpha application deadline is fast approaching, and that means at least a few people are panicking. Is the story good enough? I should write another– but I don’t have any ideas! Everything is ruined!

Don’t worry! Really, try to give yourself some breathing room. At Alpha, everyone writes a story in about a week. Try doing it now!

You’ll probably want to read How to Write a Good Application Story in the Next Week and A Fellow Procrastinator’s Guide to Writing Your Application Story at the Last Minute. If nothing else, know that this has happened before. You are not the only person staring at the deadline and wondering if you can pull this off. You are not the only person who will pull this off.

I’ll be kicking off a week of writing prompts to get you started. Some will be silly, some less so. If you have a particular favorite prompt or prompt generator, leave a comment and I’ll try to include it in the next posts. If you have requests for a particular genre, chime in.