Guest Authors

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The following authors were guests at Alpha in 2016:

Past author guests include John Joseph Adams, Michael Arnzen, Catherine Asaro, Holly BlackTobias S. BuckellLawrence C. Connolly, Bruce CovilleTimons EsaiasCharles Coleman FinlayCarl Frederick, James Frenkel, Gregory Frost, Theodora GossAlan IrvineAlaya Dawn Johnson, Kij Johnson, Scott A. Johnson, Michael Kandel, Ellen Kushner, Justine LarbalestierDavid LevineChristopher McKitterick, Tamora PierceBruce Holland RogersDelia Sherman, Wen Spencer, Rachel SwirskyWilliam TennHarry TurtledoveCatherynne M. Valente, Scott WesterfeldLeslie What, Sheila Williams, and Timothy Zahn.