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Musings on the craft of writing.

Writing Prompt 7: The End Times

Here endeth the week of writing prompts. I hope you’ve gotten at least one idea from them. Leave a comment if you have a favorite exercise or prompt to inspire your next story. The last prompt: “No one expected this apocalypse.”

Writing Prompt 6: Chuck Wendig

Chuck Wendig has flash prompts each week. Find one you like in the archives, or use this one. The story includes a botanical garden, fatherhood, and something talking that doesn’t normally talk. Online writing prompt generators and lists can be very useful, particularly for practicing ideas rather than writing entire stories. One exercise I did… Read More »

Writing Prompt 4: The Lost City

Pick a lost or abandoned city. Set the story there, but maybe not in its last days. Atlantis, Port Royal, Pompeii, Machu Picchu, Helike, Camelot, El Dorado, Troy, Songo Mnara, Angkor, Great Zimbabwe, Tikal, pick a place and run with it. Or write about sunken New Orleans, the lost city of Tokyo, or the tiny… Read More »

Writing Prompt 3: Immortality

What happens when humans figure out immortality, but you can’t get younger and you can’t have kids afterward? No, really. A lot of immortality schemes involve eternal youth, but as Tithonus discovered, that’s not always how it works. Fictional immortality often frustrates me because characters sticking around forever unchanging isn’t nearly as interesting as characters… Read More »

Writing Prompt 1: They Fight Crime!

This is not the original They Fight Crime!, but it’s still amazing. Spend a little while clicking through until you find a pair– or a solo hero, or a trio– that makes you want to write that story. You don’t have to stick with the format, either. “He’s a fast talking skateboarding cat burglar possessed… Read More »

A Week of Prompts

The Alpha application deadline is fast approaching, and that means at least a few people are panicking. Is the story good enough? I should write another– but I don’t have any ideas! Everything is ruined! Don’t worry! Really, try to give yourself some breathing room. At Alpha, everyone writes a story in about a week.… Read More »