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Publication: “Helen,” by Andrea Lam

Congratulations to Alpha graduate Andrea Lam (2005 & 2006), whose poem “Helen” appeared in the Summer 2014 issue of Goblin Fruit. (Normally we would include a teaser excerpt here, but the poem is short and best enjoyed all at once.)

You can read the poem at Goblin Fruit’s website, and a complete list Read more

Publication: “Make No Promises,” by Rachel Halpern

Congratulations to Alpha graduate Rachel Halpern (2007 & 2008), whose short story “Make No Promises” appears today in Beneath Ceaseless Skies:
My rooms look out on the back courtyard, so if I turn my head I can see everyone passing through. Just now, it’s the stable boy my sister has been pining after. Looking at Read more

Publication: “Chopin’s Eyes,” by Lara Elena Donnelly

Congratulations to Alpha graduate Lara Elena Donnelly (2007 & 2008), whose short story “Chopin’s Eyes” appeared this week in Strange Horizons:
A cigarette burns low against one woman’s glove. The music brushes fingers up her spine and she loses herself in sound. She is no longer Aurore Dupin, nor the baroness Dudevant, nor the woman

Publication: “Insurrection in Silk,” by Gillian Conahan

Congratulations to Alpha graduate Gillian Conahan (2006 & 2007), whose short story “Insurrection in Silk” appears in this month’s issue of Apex:
She is drowning in organza and shantung, a rustling mass of indigo and royal purple. The fabric whispers under her hands, defying her to prick a finger and spot the silk.
You can read

Publication: “The Trial of the Beekeeper,” by Shivaun Hoad

Congratulations to Alpha graduate Shivaun Hoad (2006), whose short story “The Trial of the Beekeeper” appeared in AE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review in April:
There was a huge clump of bees at the end of my driveway. That in itself wasn’t reason enough for me to run towards them — they’d swarmed before —

Book Deal: The Traitor Baru Cormorant, by Seth Dickinson

Huge congratulations to Alpha graduate Seth Dickinson (2006 & 2007) on his three-book deal from Tor! From the Maass Agency website: “Debut novelist Seth Dickinson’s THE TRAITOR BARU CORMORANT, an epic fantasy geopolitical tragedy pitched as Game of Thrones meets Germs, Guns and Steel, and two additional novels to Marco Palmieri at

Publication: “A Tank Only Fears Four Things,” by Seth Dickinson

Congratulations to Alpha graduate Seth Dickinson (2006 & 2007), whose short story “A Tank Only Fears Four Things” appears in this month’s issue of Lightspeed:

A tank fears only four things. One of them is a fuel shortage. Another is a man with an anti-tank missile. But the T-80 main

Publication: “Our Fire, Given Freely,” by Seth Dickinson

Congratulations to Alpha graduate Seth Dickinson (2006 & 2007), whose short story “Our Fire, Given Freely” appears today in Beneath Ceaseless Skies:
Rider Bray runs the steppe one stride ahead of her name, racing the wind cross waves of grass glazed in the light of a high cold sun. Heading home, war and longed-for glory

Publication: “Kumara,” by Seth Dickinson

Congratulations to Alpha graduate Seth Dickinson (2006 & 2007), whose short story “Kumara” went up today at Escape Pod:
You asked me why you are alive, and this is the answer: because I was asked to do the impossible, to choose someone to die. And I loved them all, loved them as I loved Kumara

Publication: “Death and His Lover,” by Getty Hesse

Congratulations to Alpha graduate Getty Hesse (2013), whose story “Death and His Lover” appeared today at Daily Science Fiction:
Death sips Earl Grey. He prefers Oolong; it reminds him of his late mother, Death before him. But Jerome enjoys it as well, and the first night after he was run over he had gazed at