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2012 Alpha Fundraiser

There are so many reasons we love Alpha. It’s not just that it makes successful writers out of talented teenagers, although we all learn a lot about stories, plots, character arcs, dedication, even about where to send our work. It isn’t even just the ten days at the workshop, though those are full of learning and new… Read More »

Description: Part Two

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the second half of my two-part post on description! Part one can be found here. Getting back into it, let’s start with Rule Three, which I consider the most important rule: I would argue that all description (as with anything else in your story) should inherently be guided by point… Read More »

Description: Part One

When I was in middle school and had just gotten into The Lord of the Rings, I was shocked to hear my friends describe the books, books that I considered haunting and hilarious works of art, as dense and boring – “too much description,” they said. “Too many hills.” I was appalled. At the time,… Read More »


Everyone seems to do beginnings differently. Some people start with a single line intended to somehow encompass the entire story. Some people start mysteriously, with statements you won’t understand until several paragraphs or pages later. You can start near the end, start in the middle of the action (in medias res, like Homer!), start with… Read More »

How to Critique: Part Three – Questions

I’ve already talked about the process of critiquing, both for general comments and for line edits (You probably want to read How to Critique: Part One and How to Critique: Part Two before you read this post). There are or will be other blog entries by other people on how to write plot or worldbuilding or… Read More »

How to Critique: Part Two – Line Edits

(This is part two of three in my series of blog posts on how to critique. I recommend reading part one before part two. Part one, on general comments, is the post right before this one. It’s called, conveniently, How to Critique: Part One.) Line edits are slightly more controversial than general comments. A lot… Read More »

How to Critique: Part One

Welcome to the first post in my three-part series on How to Critique! Now, obviously I am not magically the Best Critiquer Ever Born in the Universe. This is a mix of the stuff that works for me when I’m critiquing and the stuff that I like critiques to do for me. Other critiques can… Read More »