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On finishing, and how to get there

Our last couple of posts have been about what to do once you’ve finished a story. But how do you finish in the first place? What happens if you’re not inspired one day, or if you suddenly (hi, college) get really busy? Having dealt with inspiration droughts and academic avalanches–or, as often as not, both… Read More »

The Four P’s of Exposition

Writing unobtrusive exposition — that is, getting a story’s background information across in a way that doesn’t interfere with narrative flow — presents a unique challenge if you’re writing science fiction, fantasy, or certain types of horror. Not only do you have to worry about things like characterization and foreshadowing, you also have to make… Read More »

Is your main character useless?

Having had occasion to read several stories by beginning writers recently, I noticed a common thread: the supposed protagonists don’t really do anything. Sure, lots of interesting things happen in the main character’s general vicinity, but he or she doesn’t actually affect how events play out. This is usually bad. Take a look at your… Read More »