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Then stop.

One of the tough parts about writing short stories, especially if you’re used to reading novels or series instead, is that short stories stop. How does one accomplish this feat? You need an ending. More than that, you need a good ending. The ending, like every other part of a story, does several things. One,… Read More »

Enter Title Here

It seems like titles should be a reward.  After the long struggle of making a story that is acceptable to all eyes including your own, the title should be the cherry on top of the most magnificent ice cream sundae of all time. Titling, however, often seems more difficult than finding a perfect magical cherry,… Read More »

What Do I Do Now?

You wrote the story. You edited the story. You scrapped it. You rewrote it. You edited the story again. You asked friends for input, then ignored them. You continued editing. You cut, you cut, you cut. You asked friends for input and listened to them. You put it into proper manuscript format. You sent it… Read More »

Hooking your reader – feedback from our judges

Hi Alphas, Betas and Greek letters in-waiting! Today I’m going to be talking a little bit about some of the feedback we’ve been given from our judges on a few of the reasons stories don’t get accepted to the workshop. I’ll be mixing in some of the experience I’ve had from submitting to magazines and… Read More »